WC claims, OSHA and HR violations can

drive up insurance, increase costs, and leave you open to big liability. Solid risk management includes training.

A single incident gone viral can dismantle a country club's hard won image. "Small" accidents can cause financial strain for years. Workers comp claims, medical bills, equipment repair, citations, lawsuits, staff depression and waning productivity can throw a budget into crisis.


Accident prevention. Loss control. But how to get there?

What are the gaps in your injury & risk prevention program? Close the gaps with training.

Near-misses indicate a safety lag and are good predictors of future accidents. Our program offers training flexibility and courses for different risk areas. Full service LMS included.


Safety Training ROI

Workplace injuries cost. WC benefits payouts average $1 billion a week. Prevention saves money and health.

Direct costs are WC claims, medical bills, limited legal. According to NASI, "total workers' compensation benefits [2012] were $61.9 billion."

Indirect costs are tricky. Damaged equipment, replacement workers, overtime, pain & suffering lawsuits, high insurance premiums are just a few costs. Indirect to direct cost ratios vary from "a high of 20:1 to a low of 1:1." (OSHA.)


Club Learning Institute Offers Solutions

Risk management planning creates the baseline for safety and compliance programs. Make your plan. Train on hazard exposure areas. Prevent injuries. CLI has the training, the LMS, the service to help you reach your safety goals.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is an affordable annual rate.
Flat rate pricing includes dedicated customer service. Full-service LMS. Group training tracking. HR360 account. OSHA-Authorized Trainer on-staff.

GET $895 RATE!

Our Core Online Courses

The core level safety courses are topics relevant to the country club industry with titles such as, Golf Car Safety, Lightning Safety, Pool and Spa Liability, Heat Illness Prevention.

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Expanded Topic Areas

We've partnered with content providers to fill in the learning gaps. HR, customer service, OSHA compliance safety, kitchen and alcohol, supervisor courses, child sexual abuse prevention. Take a look!

CLI Course List

Reporting & Risk

Each employee user account is tracked and course completions are available for download in Excel format. The course history of every user is kept for the life of your account.

Clubs at RISK


We deliver our courses using a learning management system (LMS) hosted in the cloud by a third party service and a team of tech support to keep the system online 24/7.


Our Customer Service

When you sign up for our service, you get the full package. We manage your employee add/terms, update profiles, make assignments. We even give a free written programs consultation. You're free to login and train.

Get Help

Evaluate. Plan. Write it down. Implement controls. Train.

Report. Reassess. Retrain. Repeat.

These are the basics of any solid risk management program.
Let everyone know that upper management is onboard. Enlist your staff to make your club the best. Think safety committee, job hazard analyses, admin controls, safety training, safety recognition program, training refreshers.

Train now. Save later.